Steve Moneghetti’s official Run for the Kids training program is a great way to prepare for your participation in either the long course or short course.

The ten-week program commences on Monday, January 8, with each subsequent week’s program starting the following Monday. 

Each week, the program will be added below, so you can easily download and follow each days training.

Be sure to read Steve’s weekly advice column, to get the most out of your training, and keep an eye out for his video training tips on our social media channels to maximise your preparation before race day on March 17.


Week Ten

Monday March 11 – Sunday March 17

Here we are only a week away from this year’s Herald Sun Transurban Run for the Kids and what a journey it has been to get to this point.
All you can do now is train lightly and rest up as you absorb the nine weeks of work completed. There is a tendency to feel like you should keep pushing right up until race day but there is no point in going into the event tired or sore so stick to the plan as it is written.
The training set this week is very light but remember this doesn’t give you licence to get busy on other tasks. The most important sessions these last few days are rest and sleep. Try to organise your life so that you have time to do nothing except prepare physically for your event.
When I say physically, I mean getting everything ready prior to Sunday. I
always have my backpack packed and ready to go as I often find I am a bit
nervous and easily distracted on race morning.
Check the train, tram or bus times if you are arriving by public transport, or if you are driving know where you will park and on arrival, drop your bag off at baggage drop, get that last toilet stop done and have a drink or gel with you as you enter your correct coloured wave zone. Also, make sure you know your wave start time as the Long Course has the Pre-qualified runners and Blue group leaving at 8am and other zones rolling off at various time intervals right through to the Red walk zone at 8.40am; and the Short Course starting with the Green fast zone at 9.30am then ten minute gaps to Purple, White and finally the Family fun zone at 10am.
Log onto the website this week to go over course maps, bag drop location and other important details to ensure you have a great run.
Remember to eat well and drink plenty of fluids especially in the latter part of the week to load up your energy stores ready for the race. I have a couple of pieces of toast with jam or vegemite and a cup of tea on race morning to
basically calm the tummy rumble after a carbohydrate enriched meal of pasta or rice the night before. Try to avoid spicy foods for the couple of days prior or you might find yourself using the toilets before, during and after your event!
Try to get a good night sleep the night before the night before (this Friday
night) as I find that to be the crucial one. Trust me these minor preparations
might not make you run better, but they will ensure you get the benefit of all
the work you have done in preparation for the event.
Congratulations on your dedication and commitment and on behalf of the Royal Children’s Hospital thanks for your support, we couldn’t do it without you.
I might see you on the start line but if not, I will certainly be there at the finish to welcome you back after a job well done. Or if you beat me then come up and gloat about it and let me know how you found the course on the day. We love your feedback.
I have also arranged for perfect running and walking weather with a mild
morning and a top temperature in the low twenties, so all is set for a terrific
Have a restful week and I can’t wait to see you there on Sunday.
Short Course Training Schedule
Long Course Training Schedule
Short Course Training Schedule
Long Course Training Schedule
Short Course Training Schedule
Long Course Training Schedule
Short Course Training Schedule
Long Course Training Schedule
Short Course Training Schedule
Long Course Training Schedule