Welcome to Week One of Race Director Steve Moneghetti’s Official 2022 Training program.

This 11-week program is specifically designed to prepare runners to participate in Herald Sun/Transurban Run for the Kids on April 3, 2022

Each new training week commences on Monday, so check back here on Sunday to download the following week’s program and plan your training schedule.

Congratulations on completing Week One, and welcome to Week Two.

With the hot weather forecast this week, remember to hydrate well, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and where possible, run in the cooler temperatures in the early morning or late evening.

It might be a good week to vary your training location, and think about a walk or run at your local beach, lake or waterway.

Well done on training through a week of changing weather conditions.

With 8 weeks still to go, there is still plenty of time to train, but following the program consistently each day definitely helps on race day.

Enjoy Week 3!



And just like that, we’ve reached week four!

With 8 weeks until race day, there is still plenty of time to train and get some kilometres into the legs.

If motivation is hard to come by,  grab a mate to train with, create a spotify playlist to run to, or find a new and different training route.

Remember, consistent training is the key to enjoying your run on April 3!

Week Five of the program sees the introduction of fartlek training (a Swedish for for speed play), involving a combination of running and jogging or running and walking.

Speed work is an important part of training that will help you perform faster or more comfortably on April 3.

Don’t forget to rest on the allocated REST days. Skipping rest days can lead to overtraining and injury, which may impact your ability to participate on April 3.

Enjoy Week 5!

Week Six sees the introduction of some sports nutrition advice  – who doesn’t love a chocolate milk!

Don’t forget, it is important to eat well to recover well, so pay attention to what is on your menu, to help your run better.



Week 7 brings the introduction of hill running, an important component of both the short and long course programs.

The Bolte Bridge climb features early in both course routes, so be sure to follow this week’s training closely, to ensure you are ready on April 3.


Week 8 is the start of consolidation of all the training that has been completed so far, putting it all together into a race day plan.

Don’t forget how important rest days are for recovery, especially if you are training on roads or other hard surfaces, as you don’t want to incur an injury between now and April 3!


Week 9 is about Race simulation. Test your training in an organised event or run a time trial over a similar distance.

It’s also a great week to try any new running clothing or equipment, so you are ready for race day. 




Week 10 is about easing back on the amount of exercise you are doing and reducing the intensity as race day draws near.

If you are tempted to run more than the program dictates this week, think about a swim, massage or yoga session to keep your training routine going, rather than running extra kilometres.





Congratulations on your dedication and commitment to completing eleven weeks of training!

The priority this week is Race Day preparation, so unpack your race kit on Saturday, pin your race number on your shirt and find your lucky socks.

Confirm your start time, and plan your journey to the event so you can arrive stress-free and ready to run or walk. 





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