Welome to Week One of Race Director Steve Moneghetti’s Official 2021 Training program.

This 8-week program is specifically designed to prepare runners to participate in Herald Sun/Transurban Run for the Kids on August 29.

Training in each week of the program commences on Monday, with each new week released in the Sunday Herald Sun the day prior.

Once again, Week 2 commences with a rest day.

Use this day to check your running gear. It’s never a good idea to wear brand new running shoes on race day, so if you need new runners, think about buying them now and using them as you train in coming weeks, so they are comfortable for the last weekend in August.

Same goes for tech – if you are planning to buy a new fitness device, make sure you pick it up before race day, so you know exactly how it works when you start your race!

Week 3 has landed, with the regular Monday rest day!

This week, we recommend you use your rest day to formulate a COVID-19 workout plan, to keep you on track with your training.

Check out the DHHS guidelines for exercise:

  • Make sure your intended route stays within 5km of home.
  • If you plan to exercise with a family member or friend, make sure you keep at least 1.5 metres apart
  • Avoid hugging, kissing or shaking hands
  • Limit your outdoor exercise to no more than 2 hours

And here is Week 4  – and before you know it, we are halfway through the training program!

We hope the program has given you both motivation and some structure during your training while Victoria is in lockdown.

Don’t let your training so far go to waste! The remaining weeks of Steve’s program will be posted here each Sunday, so remember to check it out every week.

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