It goes without saying that this wonderful event could not be staged without the dedication and hard work of our team of volunteers. Behind the scenes the event relies on more than 800 volunteers to assist with drink stations, construct our unique of courses, get our runners underway from the start, greet them at the finish line and cheer the runners on their way.

Volunteering is a terrific way to get involved, be part of the team and make your contribution, helping to raise vital funds for the 2024 Good Friday Appeal.

Lunch is provided, and all volunteers receive a free volunteer tshirt and cap


*Before completing the volunteer application, please read the following key information

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Course Marshal

Location: On Course

Course Marshals are assigned to designated areas along the run courses to help ensure that the course is safe for participants to compete on. The course is divided into sectors with each featuring a Sector Leader and Team Leaders to assist you. Sector Leaders will be issued a radio and will brief and deploy individual marshals to the course.

Drink Station Assistant

Location:On Course

Volunteers are deployed to drinks stations on the course and within the Recovery zone to ensure that runners are provided with drinks while participating in the event. Volunteers set up drink stations before the runners arrive by laying out cups and filling with water. They then provide drinks to runners, and remove empty/used cups.

Start Line / Finish Line Marshal

Location:Race Village

Volunteers help direct entrants to the correct marshaling zone areas at the Start line. Each zone is clearly indicated with feather flags & signs corresponding to coloured race numbers. When the runners cross the finish line they will be exhausted and excited. They will most likely want to stop, rest and chat. This can create a very congested finish area. It is your job to congratulate and thank them but to then kindly ask them to keep moving as they need to pass through the back-up timing system to ensure their time is captured.

Information Assistant

Location: Race Village

A specific Information Tent will be set up in the Village as a central point for general questions and enquires. Some volunteers are required to staff the tent, some will be positioned on stands to help direct people and others will wander through the Village and help answer people’s questions. Information assistants will also assist with distribution of Race Kits and finishers medals.

Baggage Services Assistant

Location: Race Village

A fenced baggage storage area will be set up in the village with entries at one end and exits at the other. Volunteers assist with managing the flow of participants through this area.

Workforce Assistant

Location : Race Village

Volunteers will be responsible for checking in all volunteers for the event and providing them with lunch packs and tshirts

Volunteer Terms and Conditions

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  1. Event Owner: The Herald and Weekly Times Pty Ltd (ABN 49 004 113 937) is the Event Owner, Race Manager and Promoter of the Event.
  2. Event Organiser: O2 Event Pty Ltd  is the Event Organiser
  3. Event: 2024 Herald Sun / Transurban Run for the Kids, taking place on Sunday 17 March, 2024, which includes both the long course (approximately 14.4km) event and the short course (approximately 4.7km) event.
  4. Volunteer agreement: By accepting these terms and conditions, in exchange for the training and other benefits the Event Owner and Event Organiser will provide to the volunteer, the volunteer agrees to volunteer for the Event Owner and Event Organiser at the Event on the terms set out herein.
  5. Minimum age: Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older on 17 March 2024 to volunteer unaccompanied. If a volunteer is under the age of 16 years on 17 March 2024, they must be supervised by a parent or guardian for the duration of their volunteer role. If a volunteer is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must read and accept the Volunteer Application Form and these Volunteer Terms and Conditions on their behalf.
  6. Application Form: The volunteer must complete the official online Volunteer Application Form. An application is not approved until the Event Organiser provides confirmation to the applicant.
  7. Applications, acceptance and availability: The Event Organiser has the sole discretion in accepting or rejecting applications for volunteers, and this discretion may be exercised on any basis, including where the required number of volunteers has been reached. The decision of the Event Organiser in accepting or rejecting an applicant is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  
  8. Required training: Each volunteer is required to attend one of two information training sessions conducted by the Event Owner or Event Organiser prior to the Event. Dates and details of these information training sessions will be posted on the Event website and attendance at one of these sessions is mandatory.
  9. Performing your role: Each volunteer must act in accordance with the role description assigned to them (including on the Event website) and in accordance with any directions given to them by the Event Owner or Event Organiser.
  10. Volunteer conduct: Each volunteer must act in good faith, to the best of their abilities, in the spirit of the Event and in a proper, appropriate and professional manner with all due skill, care and diligence. This includes (without limitation) upholding the good reputation of the Event (and the Event Organiser and Event Owner), being unimpaired by alcohol or drugs and not acting offensively, aggressively, in breach of any laws or in a way that is otherwise inappropriate.  Volunteers must also follow all instructions from the Event Owner or Event Organiser.  If the Event Owner or Event Organiser considers that a volunteer breaches this clause, they may direct the volunteer to cease all involvement with the Event immediately and the volunteer must comply.
  11. Health and safety: Each volunteer must be safe and responsible at all times and must comply with all safety policies, procedures and directions notified by the Event Owner or the Event Organiser. Each volunteer recognises the difficulties of the Event and attests that they are physically fit to volunteer in the Event and that they have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical practitioner. Each volunteer warrants that the medical information that they have included on the Volunteer Application Form is accurate and that if they become aware of any medical condition or impairment that will be detrimental to their health if they volunteer in the Event, or are otherwise sick or injured prior to the Event, they will notify the Event Organiser.
  12. Emergency treatment: Each volunteer consents to receive medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, illness, accident and/or illness during the Event.
  13. Volunteer risks: Each volunteer acknowledges that volunteering in the Event may involve a real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including over exertion, dehydration, and accidents with other volunteers, participants, spectators or road users.
  14. COVID 19
      Each volunteer agrees that they will not attend the Event if the following apply:
    a. Volunteer displays symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) such as: cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath on the day of the Event or at any time in the 14 days prior to the Event;
    b. Volunteer is positive for coronavirus (COVID 19);
    c. Volunteer has been in contact, or suspects they have been in contact with a person who is diagnosed as coronavirus  (COVID 19) positive in the 14 days prior to the event or on the day of the Event;
    d. Volunteer is required to be in quarantine or isolation
  15. Each Volunteer agrees that they will comply with all Event safety protocols and directions including those requirements specifically relating to COVID 19. Such protocols and directions may be advised by written communication, social media, verbal messaging or announcements, or signage displayed at an Event. Safety protocols and directions may include:
    a. Physical distancing requirements;
    b. Hand Hygiene requirements;
    c. Check in requirements including answering COVID 19 related questions in the lead up to and upon arrival at the Event;
    d. Providing valid proof of vaccination status or valid vaccination exemption to the Event Organiser and/or Event Owner
    d. Density Limits;
    e. Capacity limits within the Race venue and start location;
    f. Staggered Event start times;
    g. Wearing of face masks;
    h. Access and Egress requirements;
  16. Release and indemnity: Each volunteer acknowledges that (to the extent permitted by law) they volunteer in the Event at their own risk, and in consideration of and as a condition of acceptance of their application to be a volunteer in the Event he or she agrees:
    • to release (to the extent permitted by law) the Event Owner, the Event Organiser, the Event sponsors and each of their agents, affiliates, employees, members, promoters and all competitors in the Event and any other person or body directly or indirectly associated with the Event (“those indemnified”) from all and any claims, demands or proceedings arising out of or in connection with his or her performance of tasks (or failure to perform tasks or to perform tasks adequately) as a volunteer in the Event; and
    • to indemnify those indemnified and to keep them indemnified against all liability for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with his or her performance of tasks (or failure to perform tasks or to perform tasks adequately) as a volunteer in the Event,

to the extent that:

  • the volunteer acted other than in good faith;
  • the volunteer knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that at the relevant time he or she was acting:
    • outside the scope of the work organised by the Event Organiser or the Event Owner; or
    • contrary to any instructions given by the Event Organiser or the Event Owner; or
  • the volunteer’s ability to act in a proper manner was, at the relevant time, significantly impaired by alcohol or drugs.

This release and indemnity continues forever and binds each volunteer’s heirs, successors, executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns.

  1. Images/content: Each volunteer consents to the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of their name, image, statements or persona in any context pertaining to the Event or otherwise during or after the Event whether for advertising, promotions or otherwise for no fee or remuneration.
  2. Information and privacy: The information provided by volunteers is being collected by the Event Owner and will be used for Event administration and volunteer co-ordination by the Event Organiser and Event Owner, including for communicating with volunteers about the Event. Each volunteer’s contact details will also be included in the Event volunteer database. Each volunteer can seek access to personal information the Event Owner holds about them or obtain a copy of the Event Owner’s privacy policy by contacting   Each volunteer can seek access to the personal information the Event Organiser holds about them by contacting   The organisations set out above may transfer your personal information outside of Australia.  If you choose not to provide information, the organisations set out above may not be able to provide you with services in relation to the Event.  The privacy policies of each of the organisations set out above contain information regarding how you may access and correct the personal information that they hold about you, and how you can complain about how they collect or use that personal information.
  3. Insurance: Volunteers will be covered by the Event Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance policy. The terms of this policy are available on request and each volunteer understands that their ability to make a claim under the policy is subject to their compliance with the terms of the policy.
  4. Independent contractors: Each volunteer expressly understands that their relationship with the Event Owner and Event Organiser is at all times as an independent contractor and not otherwise.
  5. Variation: The Event Owner and Event Organiser reserves the right to issue instructions to volunteers orally, in writing or otherwise, up to and on the date of the Event. Written instructions will be posted on the Event website, which volunteers must review from time to time.