Date, Time and Place

What date is Run for the Kids 2024?

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our St Patrick’s Day event on Sunday, March 17, 2024

What time does the event start

The Long course starts from 8am

The Short course starts from 9:30am

What is the race distance?

The Long Course will be 14.4 km and the Short Course will be 4.7km. The courses are nearly identical to the course routes of 2023, so its the perfect opportunity to try and run a comparative PB time.

Our operations team is carefully checking the course routes for changes caused by recently introduced bike lanes and new construction sites, to ensure the course routes are safe.


Where is the race located?

The start and finish lines, and all the family-friendly fun activities will be in Docklands.

How do I enter?

Click on the purple “Enter Now” button on the home page of, and complete the online registration process.

Where do the courses go in 2024?

Both courses start and finish in Docklands and ALL entrants of the long and the short course will traverse the Bolte Bridge.

Check out the Long Course Route

Check out the Short Course Route

Is running along the Bolte Bridge going to be hard? Is it steep?

There is a gradual incline on the bridge and if you’re taking part in the Short Course, the ramp onto the bridge will be the biggest challenge but you will be rewarded at the top with fabulous views of Melbourne. Dig deep and enjoy the views!

What’s new in 2023?

How much is the donation to the Good Friday Appeal this year?

Due to changes in the event requirements, we will now be announcing a collective total that has been raised by everyone’s efforts, rather than the former system of guaranteed percentages.

We thank everyone who has contributed to this donation to the Good Friday Appeal.  The fundraising total will be announced on Race Day.

We hope everyone can join us in raising as much money as possible for the 2024 Good Friday Appeal.


Is there a discount for children?

After the positive response to Kids Run for the Kids at half price this year, all children aged between 4 years and 17 years will receive a 50% discount off the  adult registration price.   We hope this makes is possible for families to attend and participate together.

Registration for children under the age of 4 is free however, they must registered for the event to ensure their attendance is recorded for insurance and emergency management purposes.

Does everyone receive a finisher’s medal?

Absolutely. In the post event feedback survey, more than 80% of entrants told us they would love to receive a medal, so in 2024, every entrant will have the opportunity to collect a medal after they complete their event.

I've entered this year's event which means I will have partipated in all Run for the Kids events- will there by any special opportunities for entrants who have participated every year?

We are currently working on plans to celebrate our “every year”entrants.  We will be in contact with you closer to the event. If you believe you have entered all events, please ensure you advise the Race Office by email on, so we can make sure we have you on our list. (where entrants have changed their name it can be difficult for us to be certain, so its best to advise us to be sure we have you on our list)

Why can’t I store my bag or backpack in the baggage zone?

For security reasons, we have been advised that we are not able to store backpacks, bags, luggage, or any items that are not in clear plastic bags in the baggage zone this year.

We recommend only bringing limited additional items with you, and only items that will fit in a small self seal clear bag. Clear bags will be available at the entry point to the baggage zone.

If you are participating in the walking zones, you are able to carry your bag or backpack with you on the course.

What are you doing to combat congestion for runners in the long course?

Colour zone capacities will be strictly enforced, and the 8am start time will allow for longer time gaps between start zones.

To help eliminate course congestion, it is imperative that entrants start their event in the colour zone displayed on their race bib.

The Pre-qualified entrants zone will again be available for qualified entrants to access in 2024.  This zone is available to entrants who completed the 2023 Long Course within 60 minutes of the winner. Entrants who qualify will be provided with details on how to enter by email.

If you believe your race time would qualify you to enter in the Pre-Qualified Runner start zone, but you did not compete in the 2023 Herald Sun/Transurban Run for the Kids, it may be possible for you to access this zone by completing the following process prior to February 5, 2024

  1. Email:
  2. Include in the subject line: Application for Pre-Qualified Runner Zone
  3. Provide: Links to 2023 results that show you have completed an officially timed event at a comparative distance in the required race pace (4 1/2 minutes per km or faster) and your date of birth.

Note: there will be an area at the front of the Preferred Runner zone for Elite Entrants and wheelchair athletes to assemble.


What are the entry fees?


January 1-March 10

Long Course $78.00

Short Course $69.00

Kids Run for the Kids at 50% of the adult registration fee.

Children under 5 years are free, but must still be registered.

Additional credit card processing fees may apply.

Delivery fees for Race Kits are additional $5 per kit. To access a combined postage, please make sure you enter and pay for all family members in a single transaction.


Can I enter on Race Day?

Unfortunately, to ensure we meet our event planning obligations, we are unable to accept entries on race day.

I would like to access the Long Course Elite start zone, how do I do this?

Access to the Long Course elite start zone is determined by timings set by Race Director Steve Moneghetti.

To apply for access to the Elite start zone, once you have entered Run for the Kids, please email the Race Office at including links to recent results for a comparative distance.

Applications are considered on merit, and are not automatically provided. Access to the Elite zone closes on March 1, 2024, and requests after this time will not be considered.


What is the Pre-Qualified entry zone and how do I access an entry in this zone?

This pre-qualified runner zone is for runners who have the ability to complete 15km in under 70 minutes. Qualification for this zone is based on results from the 2023 Herald Sun/Transurban Run for the Kids. If you completed the 2023 event in the required pace per kilometre, you will receive an email advising of the opportunity to enter the pre-qualified zone for the 2024 event.

This zone has been created with the aim to improve the experience for faster participants who may not meet the criteria for entry into the Elite Runner start zone.

If you believe your race time would qualify you to enter in the Pre-Qualified Runner Zone, but you did not compete in the 2023 Herald Sun/Transurban Run for the Kids, it may be possible for you to access this zone by completing the following process:

  1. Email:
  2. Include in the subject line: Application for Pre-Qualified Runner Zone
  3. Provide: Links to 2023 results that show you have completed an officially timed event at a comparative distance in the required race pace (4 1/2 minutes per km or faster) AND your date of birth

Note: there will be an area at the front of the Preferred Runner zone for Elite Entrants and wheelchair athletes to assemble.

When do entries close?

The maximum number of entrants is 30,000. As soon as this number is reached, entries close, so register and pay as soon as possible to guarantee your entry.

Once a colour zone or distance has filled to capacity, no more entries can be taken into that particular zone or distance, and entries in that zone will automatically close.

The deadline for team entries is Midnight Friday, March 1, 2024.

Individual entries will close at Midnight on Friday, March 8, 2024


How do I choose which colour zone to enter?

Choose a colour zone in which you will be able to complete the race comfortably. If you are running with a friend or family member who is slower paced, choose the colour zone corresponding to the slower time.

You can review more information about Long Course start zones here

You can review more information about Short Course start zones here

How do I buy a t-shirt or singlet?

Event Merchandise is expected to arrive in late February 2024

We will advise entrants as soon as merchandise is available for purchase.


My plans have changed, and now I can’t participate. Can I get a refund?

Once your entry is accepted, your fee is not refundable except as required by Australian Consumer Law.

We recommend you contact the Race Office via email or by telphone on 03 9292 2901,for advice on what might be possible.

I rolled forward my entry from 2023, how do I claim my 2024 entry?

Firstly, thanks for your support of Run for the Kids and the Good Friday Appeal.

There were only a very small number of entrants who were permitted to roll forward their entry from the 2023 event. The Race Office will make direct contact with those entrants, and advise how they can process their entry for the 2024 event.

Race Kits

I have a question for the Race Office, how do I contact them?

If your question isn’t answered on this page, please contact the Race Office by email or by telephoning 9292 2901.

The Race Office team are available between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

When will I receive my Race Kit?

Race Kits will be mailed in progressive mail outs commencing in mid February 2024, Race Kits can become separated in the mail, so please do not be concerned if Race Kits for your family don’t all arrive on the same day. Its possible they will arrive up to a week apart.

Race Kits will arrive with participants up until March 14.  Please wait until after this date, and if your Race Kit has not arrived, please contact the Race office by email: Race Kits will not be replaced until after March 14

I have chosen to collect my Race Kit - where do I collect it from?

The pick up point on event day is the Information Marquee, on the NAB forecourt near the corner of Bourke St and Harbour Esplanade.

The Information Marquee is open from 6.30am on event day, and we recommend allowing plenty of time to get your kit before the start time for your race.



What should be included in my Race Kit?

Your race kit will include the following:

  • Race Number with timing tag attached to the back
  • Safety pins

In 2024, the Racebook will be provided to entrants as a PDF via email.

I have received my Race Kit, what do I do now?

Please check that your race number is identical to the timing chip number stuck to the back of the bib. If they are different, please contact the Race Office on 9292 2901, or

Then, please read all the information in the downloadable racebook, as this will help you prepare for the day, and ensure that your day is enjoyable.

I paid for postage but haven’t received my Race Kit, what do I do?
We are sorry to hear that your kit has not been received.
As it has not arrived, you are able to collect a replacement kit from the following locations:
Race Kit Collection point – Shop P9 Podium Level, Southgate 3006 between 8am-1pm on Saturday.
Information Marquee at the Run for the Kids Race Village, located in the NAB forecourt on the corner of Bourke Street and Harbour Esplanade in Docklands from 6.30am on Sunday.
I’ve lost my race number/timing chip. What do I do?

Your race number contains your timing chip so is crucial to your participation in the event. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow entrants to participate unless they are wearing a race bib when they arrive at the start line.

If you are unable to locate your race kit, please email the Race Office at The Race office staff will verify your entry and advise how to obtain a duplicate race kit in time for the race.

There is a $15 fee to replace a lost race number.

I am moving house, how do I stop my race pack from being sent to the wrong address?

To alter your details, please email, with your full name, the distance you have entered, and your old and new address

I have entered in the wrong colour zone, what do I do?

To assist us to carefully manage event capacity, it is critical that you participate in the event in the colour zone displayed on your race bib.

If you would like to change your start zone, please contact the Race Office at Changes between zones are subject to availability of positions within the requested zone, and approval by the Race Registration Manager. There is a $15 fee to transfer to a different colour zone.

I have entered in the wrong distance, what do I do?

If you have entered in the wrong distance, please contact the race office at

The Race office will provide you with the appropriate advice on how to change the distance that you particpate in. 

Please note, if your race kit has already been dispatched by the Race Office, it MUST be returned before a new race kit is issued.

Will there be a storage area for baggage?

Yes. The baggage zone is located in the Event Precinct, close to the start line and is colour coded according to start zone. Items left in the baggage zone must be stored in a CLEAR bag available at the entry to the baggage zone.

For security reasons, large backpacks, luggage and any other bags that are not clear CANNOT be accepted for storage in 2024

If you are participating in the walking zones, you are able to carry your bag or backpack with you on the course.

Your Race Number includes a tear-off baggage label, which is used to identify any baggage you leave in the baggage zone. Loop and secure this tag onto the bag you leave at the baggage area.

The organisers are not responsible for any clothing left at the start. The organisers are similarly not responsible for lost items and you are advised to keep any money, valuables or important items with you at all times. Make sure you collect your bag by 1pm.

Children, Pets and iPods

Can I bring my pram?

Prams are permitted but for safety reasons, entrants walking with a pram will be required to start at the rear of the Red zone (Long Course) or White zone (Short Course).

I’m running with a pram – what do I do?

If you intend to run with a pram on the long course, please enter the yellow zone as runners with prams will be given start line priority.

If you intend to run with a pram on the short course, please enter the purple zone as runners with prams will be given start line priority.

Can I bring my pet dog to walk the course with me?

No. As with most fun runs, for the safety of both pets and people, the organisers will not permit any animals on the course.

Can I ride my bike alongside my friend who is running?

No. For safety reasons, bikes, handcycles, roller-skaters and roller-bladers are prohibited on the course. This includes children’s bikes and scooters

Can I listen to my iPod/iPhone as I run?

For the safety of all participants, please leave your iPod/iPhone/walkman/portable music device or radio at home.

I have a toddler, do they have to pay?

Babies and infants who are pushed in prams or strollers do not have to register. But many parents do enter children younger than four into the race as they know that the majority of their entry fee is going directly to the Good Friday Appeal. Young children will also enjoy a range of free activities at the finish area as part of what we hope is a special family occasion.

Are there any rules for young children?

Children who intend walking the short course must do so under the supervision of their parent or a guardian and must be entered and wearing a race number. It is the right of the organisers to remove any person without a race bib from the course.

Can my 10-year-old participate in the Long Course event?

There is no age limit for the event and we are aware that many families will want to complete the full course together as part of a special day out for a special cause. There is no prize in the long course for children as the organisers do not wish to encourage children younger than 12 to race such a long distance. It is up to the parent or the guardian to decide if their child is capable of completing and enjoying the longer course.

Medical Support

How do I obtain first aid if I need it?

First aid is available at the start line, at each aid station on the course and at the finish line. If you feel unwell at any stage during your race, speak with a course marshal who will be able to obtain assistance for you.


How is Run for the Kids timed?

All entrants are issued with a numbered timing tag attached to the back of their race number. When you cross the start line, your tag will register that you have started the race, and when you cross the finish line, your tag will register that you have finished the race. These times are recorded and your net race time is calculated. Please note: Your timing tag will only work for the event in which you are registered.

Do I have to return the timing chip that is issued to me?

The timing chips issued in 2024 are disposable. You are not required to return them.

How do I return the timing tag if I don’t participate on the day?

As the timing chips issued in 2024 are disposable, there is no requirement to return them if you chose not to participate.


How do I obtain my participation certificate?

Certificates for the event on Sunday March 17 will be available as a pdf download from midday Monday, March 18, 2024.

When will results be available?

results will be available from midday, Monday, March 18, 2024.

I’d like to receive my time by SMS – how do I arrange this?

Simply select and pay for the SMS result during the registration process.

If you have already entered the event, contact the Race office by telephone 03 9292 2901 to add an SMS time to your registration.

I can’t find my results online, how do I find out my time?

Please try searching by your race number and both your first and last name. If your race kit was replaced on race day, your result will be added as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your result, please email, with you full name,race number and race distance, and we will investigate.

Transurban 24/7 incident response

Whether running for the kids or driving home to them, Transurban's 24/7 incident response will help you reach your destination safely

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