Major Traffic Diversion Routes

Major Traffic Diversions


Monash Freeway to Tullamarine Freeway

Traffic destined for the Tullamarine Freeway from the Monash Freeway will have a number of options:

Vehicles can exit at Punt Road and continue in a northbound direction along Hoddle Street, turn left into Alexandra Parade continuing into Princes Street and College Crescent/Cemetery Road.
Traffic would then continue into McArthur Street and Elliott Avenue, and then tum right into Flemington Road to access Citylink and the Tullamarine Freeway northbound.

Vehicles can also continue through to the West Gate Freeway and join the Tullamarine Freeway via the Western Ring Road if their destination was the airport or beyond.


Kings Way to Tullamarine Freeway including Melbourne Airport

Vehicles destined for the Tullamarine Freeway from Kings Way can travel through to King Street, Dudley Street. Peel Street and Flemington Road to access Citylink and the Tullamarine Freeway northbound.

The Kings Way on-ramp will provide access to the West Gate Freeway only (no access to the Bolte Bridge)


WestGate Freeway to Tullamarine Freeway

Vehicles that are travelling to Citylink (north) / Tullamarine Freeway will be directed to use Western Ring Road or Princes Highway. These vehicles will be able to re-join the Tullamarine Freeway or Citylink via the Tullamarine Freeway/Western Ring Road interchange or Flemington Road respectively.

West Gate Freeway to Montague Street or Kings Way

Vehicles travelling inbound on the West Gate Freeway destined for Montague Street or Kings Way will be directed to use Todd Road or Power Street.


CityLink (north to WestGate Freeway

Citylink inbound will be closed at Footscray Road. This exit will provide vehicle access to the City via Wurundjeri Way and Flinders St.

Due to the closure of Montague Street,vehicles destined for the West Gate Freeway will be advised to exit at Dynon Rd to access the Freeway at Williamstown Road via Yarraville.

CityLink (north) to Monash Freeway

CityLink inbound will be closed at Footscray Road. Vehicles destined for the Monash Freeway will be advised to exit at Flemington Road to Elliot Avenue,Alexandra Parade and Hoddle Street-Punt Road to access the Monash Freeway.


Docklands Access (Victoria Harbour)

Access to the Docklands precinct, specifically Victoria Harbour (west of Harbour Esplanade) will be extremely limited during the event.

Access out of the Victoria Harbour Docklands precinct will be restricted between approximately 7.30am and 11.15am. Private vehicles will be effectively landlocked west of Harbour Esplanade. Emergency access (e.g. ambulance) will be maintained and facilitated via traffic controllers as necessary

The Collins Street access to the Docklands precinct will be kept open as long as possible prior to the event and reopened as soon as possible after the event to ensure that the impacts to Victoria Harbour are minimised as much as possible.

Access to Docklands Drive and NewQuay will be maintained via Footscray Rd.  Follow signage and traffic marshals to access carparks in the area.


Emergency Vehicle Access

At all times, the traffic management strategy seeks to maintain direct and convenient emergency vehicular access around the routes. If required, emergency vehicles could be escorted through the event including the Bolte Bridge, however at times due to the density of runners this may not be possible.

In circumstances of specific emergency access requirements along the course routes, relevant sections will be made available by event organisers and the Victoria Police