Creating a Team – step by step instructions

How to create a new team

When you begin to register for Run For the Kids, the first screen of the entry process will ask for your registration type

There are two options


Create a team

If you wish to create a team, select:

  • Create a team

Then click on the green CONTINUE button.

Create a team name. When choosing and referring to a team name, teams must choose a name that is unambiguous and not offensive as it will be used at all times for consistency, to assist with administration of entries and processing of results.

Enter your team name in the text box, and click on CHECK IF AVAILABLE button.

If a team already exists with the same name, you will be prompted to select a different name.

Select your team type:

If your team name is accepted, the registration process moves to the next screen and displays your team name on the left. Next to the team name, please select your Team Type from the dropdown menu

Corporate: Corporate teams are those with six or more runners representing a corporation, company or an organisation who are all bona fide employees of the corporation, company or organisation being represented.

Community: Community teams are those with six or more runners representing a sporting or social club, school or non profit organisation who are all bona fide members of the club, school or organisation being represented.

Family and Friends: A group of Family and Friends participating together to support one another


Tell us who the Team Administrator is:

Then enter the name and email address for the Team Administrator, who can be any responsible adult who will look after the administration of your team. The Team Administrator does not have to be participating in the event.

Complete the Team Options:

There are various access levels for a team. Please select the one that best suits your needs:

  • Public – Anybody can join this Team
  • Private – Only allow those I invite to join this Team
  • Password – A Team password is required to join


Select the payment option for the team.

Teams can either require individuals to pay as they enter or for the team manager to pay for all team members at a later date.

  • If you select “team members pay for their own registration fees”, each individual team member will be prompted to pay for their own registration via credit card at the end of the registration process
  • If you select The team pays for all registration fees, the team administrator is responsible for finalising the payment for all team members.


PLEASE NOTE: It is important to pay for your team entry as soon as possible. As per the terms and conditions of the event, entries are NOT confirmed until payment is received. If event capacity of 40,000 is reached before your team entry is paid for, any unpaid team members WILL NOT be able to participate.


You can choose to be notified by email each time someone joins your team

Team Race Kits

All race kits are sent directly to the individual entrant’s address.  If you would like to receive all your race kits to a single central address, please contact the Race office on 03 9292 2901.

Then click on CONTINUE to proceed to the next screen.


Congratulations – you have now created your team!

The Team Confirmation screen provides you with some further options:

You can choose to add yourself to the team.  (We recommend this, as it is a good way to understand the individual registration process, so you know what your team members will be completing)

You can elect to add someone else to your team.

You can Manage the team, which allows you to edit details in the back end of the team. We recommend you click on manage the team, and review all the details.

This is also where you can choose to create a fundraising page for your team.  Scroll down the page to the Fundraising section to create your fundraising page


Sharing your team

The Team Confirmation screen provides you with the option to Share your team link

You can obtain the link to share your team with your network.

Sharing your specific team link is the best way to ensure people enter as part of your team.

Don’t worry if they enter as an individual, they can always be added to your team later. Just email the race office at with the name of the entrant and the team name, and the Race office staff will make the change

You will also receive a confirmation email that includes your team link.

If you need any assistance with your team, please contact the Race Office on 03 9292 2901.