Joining a Team – step by step instructions

How to join a team

Visit and click on the “Enter Now” button on the home page, which will open the registration page

Select Individual, then select I’m part of a Team, then click on the green continue button

This will open the Team Search page

In the search box, enter your team name or a word from your team team, and click on search.  The search will return any team that includes the word you seach for

If there are multiple teams with similar names, a list will appear.  Choose the correct team (usually best to check the name of the Team Administrator) then click on the green Join button next to the team you want to join.

If the team is a public team, you’ll be able to complete your personal registration information immediately

If the team is a private team, the team administrator will be notified, so they can invite you to join their team

if the team requires a password, you will be prompted to provide the password.If you don’t know the password, check in with your team administrator to get it.

Once logged into your team, you can complete the entry process, and you will automatically become a team member of your selected team.

Paying for your entry

Your team manager will have created your team as either Pay now or Pay later. If your team is a Pay Now team, you will need to pay for your entry at the time you complete your entry details.

If your team is a Pay Later Team, your team manager will finalise payment on your behalf.

Receiving your race kit

Depending on how your team administrator has set up the team, you will either be asked to provide an address for your race kit, nominate to collect your race kit, or your team manager may have arranged for all the team kits to be delivered to one location for distribution from a central point.

If you need any assistance with joining a team, please contact the Race Office on 03 9292 2901.