Creating a Team – step by step instructions

How to create a new team

When you begin to register for Run For the Kids, the first screen of the entry process will ask you to select a distrance.

When you select a distance, three options will pop up:

Join a team

Create a team

Not a team entry

If you are participating as part of a team, you have two choices:

  • Join a team
  • Create a team

To create a team, select the second option.

Enter a team name. When choosing and referring to a team name, teams must choose a name that is unambiguous and not offensive as it will be used at all times for consistency, to assist with administration of entries and processing of results.

Enter a team password. We strongly recommend you include a password for your team to ensure only people you want as part of your team can join.

Enter the team manager’s name and email address. The team manager can be any responsible adult who will look after the administration of your team. They do not have to be participating in Run for the Kids to be the team manager.

Create a team manager password. This password will be used by the team manager to access and manage the team. It is for the use of the team manager only, and should not be given to anyone else.

Select the payment option for the team. Teams can either require individuals to pay as they enter or for the team manager to pay for all team members at a later date.

  • If you select “Individual must pay as they enter”, team members will need to pay for their own entry at the time they complete their entry details.
  • If you select “The team manager will pay later”, the team manager is responsible for finalising the payment for all team members.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to pay for your team entry as soon as possible. As per the terms and conditions of the event, entries are NOT confirmed until payment is received. If event capacity of 40,000 is reached before your team entry is paid for, any unpaid team members WILL NOT be able to participate.

Once finished select “Create My Team”. You will be taken to the Team Manager Dashboard, from where you can manage your team. You will also receive an email confirming creation of your team, and providing access to the Team Manager Dashboard.




If you need any assistance with your team, please contact the Race Office on 03 9292 2901.