Joining a Team – step by step instructions

How to join a team

Visit and click on the “Enter Now” button on the home page.

Your first step is to select the distance you wish to participate in. Once you’ve done this, a pop-up window will offer three options

  • Join a Team
  • Create a Team
  • Not a Team Entry

To join a team, select the Join a Team option and use the search box to find your team.

Tip: The search box works with partial matches and it’s often easier to find your team by putting in less information. (e.g. if your team is called “ACME Bank – City Branch”, just put “ACME” in the search box to return all matches.

The search will show the name of your team manager so you can check you are joining the correct team.

Click on the green tick icon to join the team. If your team manager has set a password for your team, you will have to correctly enter it to confirm your team selection. If you don’t know the password, check in with your team manager to get it.

Once logged into your team, you can complete the entry process, and you will automatically become a team member of your selected team.

Your team manager will have created your team as either Pay now or Pay later. If your team is a Pay Now team, you will need to pay for your entry at the time you complete your entry details.

If your team is a Pay Later Team, your team manager will finalise payment on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to pay for your entry as soon as possible. As per the terms and conditions of the event, entries are NOT confirmed until payment is received. If event capacity of 40,000 is reached before your entry is paid for, you WILL NOT be able to participate.

Race Kits will be mailed directly to each individual team member in progressive mail outs commencing in mid March.

If you need any assistance with your team, please contact the Race Office on 03 9292 2901.