4.8km Course

4.8km Course -$50

Short course starts from 9.40am

The Short Course starts in Alexandra Avenue and runs through the Domain Tunnel, exiting via Power Street.  Entrants will turn right into Kavanagh Street, and cross Southbank Boulevard onto Sturt Street before turning right into Alexandra Avenue underneath the Art Centre. The course turns right Linlithgow Avenue adjacent to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, with a small incline leading to the finish line.


4.8km Start Areas

Please assemble in Boathouse drive in appropriate colour zone in time for the start of your colour zone. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your allocated start time.

Green zone – Start Time -9.40am

For active and semi-active runners and joggers. This group will receive a green number and should assemble in the designated green zone in Boathouse Drive no later than 9.20am in readiness for a 9:40am start. If you intend walking please do not join this group as you will impede and inconvenience the progress of runners.

Purple zone – Start Time – 9.45am

For semi-active joggers and fast walkers. This group will receive a purple number and should assemble in the designated purple zone in Boathouse Drive no later than 9:25am in readiness for a 9.45am start.

White zone – Start Time – 9.45am

For walkers and very slow joggers. Short Course entrants with prams MUST enter in this zone. These participants will have a white race number and should assemble in the designated white zone in Boathouse Drive behind the purple zone no later than 9:25am in readiness for a 9.45am start.

Start line

The start line for both events is in Alexandra Avenue. All participants are advised to plan ahead and get to the event at least 45 minutes before the start of their event. If you are coming by car, please note road closures. There is limited parking in the immediate vicinity and you will need to allow time to walk to the start line.

Please line up at the start in the colour zone you have chosen. You can move into a slower zone if you wish, but not a faster zone. Slow runners, walkers and those running with pushers or wheelchairs should assemble at the rear of the start line – see above for more details on start zones.

Your time will be recorded when you cross the start line, NOT when the start signal is given. This ensures you will be given an accurate time for the event you have entered.

You are strongly advised to use public transport where timetables allow you to arrive in time for the start. Metro Trains have scheduled additional trains to allow competitors to get to the start with plenty of time to spare

You can check train timetables at ptv.vic.gov.au


Late Starters

If you are entered in the short course race and arrive after the last person has crossed the start line, you will not be able to compete in the short course race.
The short course start will close at 10am. No further entrants will be permitted to start the event after this time