Road Closures

Driving & Parking

It is recommended that all motorists avoid roads in the Docklands area between 3am and 4pm in April 7. Participants in the event are encouraged wherever possible to catch public transport to the event.

If you do have to drive to the event, carefully check the road closures to ensure you can access your preferred car park.

We recommend entrants park in the CBD or South Wharf, as many of the carparks within Docklands are impacted by the event road closures

Road Closures

Road Closures and Re-opening Times for Sunday April 7.

Download the Road Closure Notification as a PDF

(times are approximate and subject to change)

Road Section Direction Closed Road Closed
Scheduled Re-open
Harbour Esplanade Dudley Street to Bourke Street Both Directions 3.30am 4pm
Harbour Esplanade Bourke Street to Collins Street Both Directions 3.30am 11:15am
La Trobe Street Harbour Esplanade to Spencer Street Both Directions 3.30am 4pm
Bourke Street Geographe Street to Waterview Walk Both Directions 3.30am 11:15am
Collins Street Karlsruhe Lane to Harbour Esplanade Both Directions 4.30am 11:15am
Navigation Drive Bourke Street to Charles Grimes Bridge Both Directions 7.30am 12 midday
Charles Grimes Bridge Navigation Drive to Montague Street Both Directions 7.30am 12 midday
Victoria Harbour West of Navigation Drive 8am 11.15am
Montague St Munro Street to Batmans Hill Drive Northbound (reduced capacity) 7.30am 12:15pm
Westgate Freeway entry ramp Outbound 7.30am 12:15pm
Bolte Bridge entry ramp Outbound 7.30am 12:15pm
Westgate Freeway exit ramp Westgate Freeway exit ramp 7.30am 12:15pm
Lorimer Street Montague Street to Eighteen Pence Lane Both Directions 7.30am 12:15pm
Kings Way Exit Westgate Freeway Eastbound exit ramp 9am 12.30pm
Bolte Bridge







Footscray Road Bolte Bridge to Pearl River Road Westbound (reduced capacity) 7am 12.30pm
Pearl River Road Footscray Road to Newquay Promenade Both (restricted access) 8.00am 12.30pm
Docklands Drive West of Pearl River Road Both (restricted access) 10.15am 12.30pm
Dudley Street Wurundjeri Way to Spencer Street Both (restricted access) 7.30am 1.00pm
Racecourse Road Flemington Road to Stubbs Street Westbound (reduced capacity) 7am 12.30pm
Boundary Road Racecourse Road to Alfred Street Both 7.30am 12.30pm
Alfred Street Boundary Road to Melrose Street Eastbound 7.30am 12.30pm
Melrose Street Alfred Street to Flemington Road South-westbound 7.30am 12.30pm
Dryburgh Street Curran Street to Flemington Road Both 7.30am 12.30pm
Flemington Road Murphy Street to Melrose Street Outbound service lane 7.30am 12.30pm
Harker Street Haines Street to Flemington Road Haines Street to Flemington Road 7.30am 12.30pm
Haines Street Curzon Street to Abbotsford Street Westbound 7.30am 12.30pm
Abbotsford Street Haines Street to Queensberry Street Both 7.30am 1.00pm
Arden Street Abbotsford Street to Dryburgh Street Both 7.30am 12.30pm
Queensberry Street Munster Terrace to Abbotsford Street Eastbound 7.30am 12.30pm
Munster Terrace Queensberry Street to Victoria Street Northbound 7.30am 1.00pm
Anderson Street Miller Street to Victoria Street Northbound 7.30am 1.00pm
Miller Street Stawell Street to Laurens Street Both 7.30am 1.00pm
Railway Place Dryburgh Street to Rosslyn Street Both 7.30am 1.00pm
Rosslyn Street Adderley Street to Railway Place Eastbound 7.30am 1.00pm
Adderley Street Rosslyn Street to La Trobe Street Both 7.30am 1.00pm


Tip: Please do not park anywhere on the course.

Check with individual car park operators for Sunday operating hours.

The Event recommends parking in the CBD or South Wharf as many Docklands car parks will be impacted by the event road closures, limiting traffic flow throughout the Docklands Precinct.

Please study the Road closure table and map carefully to see which roads will be closed and how best to access your chosen parking destination. Plan your route carefully.

Note that normal on street parking restrictions apply throughout the event.

From the North

Vehicles will be able to access the CBD unimpeded from the North down William St, Queen St, Elizabeth St, Russell and Exhibition Streets St.

From the South

Vehicles will be able to access the CBD unimpeded from the South via King’s Way or Punt  Road, Queensbridge Street or Batman Avenue.

From the East

Vehicles will be able to access the CBD unimpeded from the East. The Domain Tunnel will remain open for this year’s event, however, entrants are advised to exit the Freeway prior to Montague St.

From the West

The West Gate Freeway will be open all day in the eastbound direction.