Long course

There are five designated aid stations on the course, servicing participants with water, toilets and first aid at the following locations:

  • At the 3km aid station as participants exit from the Domain Tunnel
  • At the 6km aid station as participants turn on to the Bolte Bridge on-ramp from the West Gate Freeway
  • At the 9.5km aid station as participants turn off Footscray Road into Pearl River Road
  • At the 11km aid station as participants proceed along Harbour Esplanade
  • At the 13km aid station in Queensbridge Square

These medical stations will be serviced by mobile first aid units at each of the aid stations. These trailers provide shelter for treatment and are stocked appropriately with first aid medical supplies.

There will also be paramedic cyclists servicing the Domain Tunnel and Bolte Bridge and a first aid vehicle travelling at the rear of the run with paramedics on board.

Short course

There is one designated aid station at the 3km mark on the Power Street  climb out of the tunnel, and a first aid vehicle will travel at the rear of the field with a medical team on board.

Start/finish and village

The medical centre, attended by a doctor, will be located between the long  and short course finish lines.

Medical staff will be available at the Start line, and a first aid tent will be located in the Recovery Zone.